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Case Management

Infocom is a participant in the Courtroom 21 Project!

Just imagine the time you could save and the subsequent impact on your effectiveness if your Case Management System itself could tell you at a glance:

  • How you are doing vis a vis your key performance metrics?
  • Which cases need your attention today and why?
  • Which deadlines you are in danger of missing and why?
  • Where are court policies and processes not being followed?
  • Where are the workload bottlenecks in your operations?

With JACS, you can make this happen early enough so that you can take prompt corrective action -- not retrospectively after you have had to wade through reams of reports!

JACS can act as your 360° radar and Early Warning System. You can effectively put your court on auto-pilot – the workflow for each of your cases automatically follows your prescribed policies and processes, while you focus on the exception situations that need your personal attention and possibly corrective action.

Policies, processes and business rules in workflow diagrams
Infocom captures, with you, your policies, processes and business rules as workflow flowchart diagrams in JACS. These flowcharts drive the system directly. When a case is initiated, our (patent-pending) process allows JACS to automatically execute these workflow diagrams and generate the appropriate tasks for each assignee, for each event in the case-flow.

Configurable and personalized Alerts, Notifications, business rules
JACS generates alerts and notifications that are defined per your requirements. The warnings appear for each of your cases in real-time – as soon as the associated conditions occur.

JACS can be configured with workflow processes and business rules to match the way you want to run your court.

With JACS, every Judge can be different!
If desired, a Judge can have his or her own workflow diagrams and business rules – even for a single case-event. Similarly, offices in different counties can work differently.

These configurations can easily be changed at any time, and can take effect immediately, if desired.

JACS’ Benefits: Agile & Highly Configurable Case Management

  • JACS can be easily configured to reflect your court’s policies, business rules and processes.
  • Automatic monitoring that processes and policies are being followed. Nothing slips through the cracks.
  • You do not have to change your processes to adapt to the requirements of JACS, unlike other case management systems.
  • You greatly reduce your implementation time and re-training time because you implement your current workflow.
  • Counties, Courts, Departments and/or Judges can maintain their independent functionality with specific rules, workflows and guidelines for each while still providing consistent data for statewide reporting.
  • You can re-configure the system at any time for legislative changes.

Infocom engineers and support staff will work with you in implementing your system, and then train, guide and support your staff in implementing the ongoing changes.

The Court realizes cost and time savings whenever you change a process, workflow, business rule, or configuration parameter.

Calendaring and Scheduling per the ‘Courtroom of the Future’

JACS’ Calendaring and Scheduling is being demonstrated as part of the ‘Courtroom 21’ project at the Center for Legal and Court Technology, in the Law School of the College of William and Mary, Virginia. This is a joint project with NCSC (the National Center for State Courts) and demonstrates the ‘Courtroom of the Future’.

The Calendaring module provides a reliable, convenient way to schedule judicial hearings and effectively manage court dockets.

The calendaring is flexible and can be used for differentcourt divisions.

JACS’ Benefits: Calendaring and Scheduling

  • Allows calendars to be set up and maintained with a high degree of flexibility for a judge according to his or her preferences and rules.
  • Maximizes the productivity of employees responsible for scheduling.
  • Standardizes processes across different Courts without losing flexibility – simplifies training requirements that arise from vacations and attrition.
  • Facilitates the scheduling of resources to eliminate potential conflicts.
  • Allows attorneys to search for available time slots at any time and from any location,if desired.
  • Provides 24 hour access for attorneys and court personnel.

For more information on JACS - Docket Management, Calendaring, click here.

Go Paperless with JACS’ Document Management
JACS is designed to reduce the need for paper and provide as much flexibility as possible to the Courts.
You can:

  • Create and maintain templates for notices with the ability to customize them before sending them to the addressee by email
  • Attach forms, voice recordings and document images to specific cases and hearings
  • Secure or protect confidential data, through authorized security and/or redaction
  • Integrate JACS’ workflow with the review and version control processes for opinions and orders

All documents and images are stored centrally, and can be viewed by authorized users from any workstation.

JACS also offers the following features:

  • Judicial Workbenches
  • Automated Redaction with PDF/A
  • Automated Scheduling with Resource Conflict Management
    For more information, click here
  • Supervision/ Probation Module
  • Prosecutor Module
  • Jail Management Module
  • Public Defender Module
  • Dashboards
  • Financial Accounting
  • Cashier Workstation Management
  • Fines and Payment Plans
  • Data Exchange with Outlook
  • Text Messaging
  • Merging Duplicate Persons
  • Spell Check in Notes and Minutes
  • Jury Management Module

About Infocom
Infocom’s JACS is a family of leading customizable software solutions for the judiciary. The JACS family currently includes case management, calendaring, and automated scheduling for high-volume courts (e.g., traffic courts). It has consistently met the needs of clients that require solutions designed to be scalable, high transaction-volume oriented, available via standard-browser, and that facilitate tight security control. As a result, Infocom has maintained its viability as a premier partner for more than 20 years.

Since its inception, Infocom has provided systems integration, off the shelf products, and custom solutions.

Implicit testimony to the usability and quality of our Calendaring system and Infocom’s customer satisfaction lies in the fact that it has been awarded a GSA contract. These contracts are awarded only after their rigorous qualification process. This includes the vendor’s clients directly submitting independent assessments of the vendor’s competitiveness, software quality, professionalism, and responsiveness for support.

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