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JACS - Docket Management, Calendaring

Infocom is a participant in the Courtroom 21 Project!

Purchase Direct from our GSA Schedule 70 Contract

Federal, state and local governments can purchase JACS modules directly, without an RFP, to simplify procurement.

For judicial assistants, clerks, judges, and court staff to manage and/or view the judge's or court's docket.  JACS is being demonstrated by Courtroom 21 as the State-of-the-Art Docket Management System for the judiciary.


JACS offers the Judicial Assistant (JA) the ability to set up the initial calendar for the Judge, per the Judge’s preferences and rules. With JACS, a JA can schedule directly via a browser. Attorneys can be given options to search for available timeslots and schedule over the phone or Internet, reducing the JA’s time spent coordinating this task. Each schedule or change can generate a confirmation to the Attorney, JA and other appropriate parties, by email and/or fax. The confirmation includes court details for the scheduled timeslot and the confirmation number. JACS also generates dockets in an HTML format to allow the general public view-only access on the Internet or RTF format for editing the docket in a Word Processor.

With its powerful feature set, JACS provides a comprehensive view of the scheduling data in a flexible, yet easy to use format.

  • Multiple Views - provides daily, weekly and monthly views
  • Master Calendar - view or schedule cases across multiple judges, courts or courtrooms
  • Flexible Scheduling - schedule, cancel and reschedule court hearings; block and unblock timeslots
  • Powerful Searching - search history, usage, available timeslots and more
  • Highly Configurable - user definable fields can be created as needed for each JA
  • Judge’s Rules - defines how the calendar is to be used and controlled by the JA
  • Detailed Reports - dockets, calendar history, confirmations and hearings
  • 100% Browser-based
  • Attorney search for available timeslots on the phone/Internet
  • Attorney scheduling on the phone/Internet
  • Interface to existing case management systems or legacy databases
  • E-mail/Fax confirmations of scheduled / rescheduled

The Calendar - allows users to view today’s activities and easily navigate to
any specific day desired. Weekly and monthly views are also available.
Scheduling Work Area - scheduling a hearing or making changes to an existing
entry is fast and easy. JACS also allows for the creation of user-defined
fields that can capture notes and specific case information to be displayed on
the calendar.
The Calendar Function Menu - used for on demand functions such as:
block or unblock specific timeslots, cancel or reschedule hearings and inserting
additional timeslots.
JA Function Menu - lists all the various functions available to the JA including:
maintenance of the daily, weekly or monthly calendar, viewing the history of scheduled cases, monitor scheduling activities, control attorney privileges, access to the Judges daily template, blocks, rules and motions for the court.
Scheduled/Rescheduled Events - Easily toggle between multiple calendars.

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